Finding the Right Quality Bushings for Your Machine

Bushings, which are also known as "plain bearings," are specifically designed for a number of unique applications — offering a number of unique benefits and features that are unavailable with traditional bearings. The most obvious distinction between bushings and traditional bearings is that bushings are constructed of only one part. This one part can be designed and built up using different materials, layered and integrated into a load carrying system. Depending on the application and intent for the bushings, it is possible to choose one of a number of different bushing designs, including self-lubricating bushings, which can help to eliminate oil holes and grooves, reduce machinery running costs, reduce the need for maintenance and reduce environmental impact.

There are a number of other designs, such as metallic self-lubricating bushings, filament wound plastic self-lubricating bushings, bronze wrapped bushings and more. Due to the need for specificity when attempting to make the best possible choice, it may be necessary to consult with an Industrial Tech Sales specialist to ensure that you choose the bushings that are right for the job.

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