Electric Motors

The Right Electric Motor for You

Fill all of your industrial and commercial electric motor needs all in one place. There are a number of different types of electric motors to choose from, including popular three-phase motors to use when it's necessary to reduce vibration. Whether you are looking for HVAC related motors or vacuum motors, we have a selection that will ensure that you are able to find the motor that you are looking for. When choosing electrical motors, it will be critical to choose the motor that possesses the power and speed capacity to meet your specific needs. In the instance in which torque is of significance, you will need to be aware of the torque ratio requirements.

Additionally, there are times in which the size of the motor will come into play, especially in situations in which spaces are limited. Every electric motor has specific load characteristics, which generally fall into one of the three categories: torque that changes abruptly, constant torque, and torque that changes gradually over a certain period of time.

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