Oil Seals

Choosing the Right Seals

We carry seals for virtually every possible power transmission application. With seals playing such a vital role in the longevity and functionality of bearings and gear operations, it is of the utmost importance that right seals are chosen and properly installed. While bearings and gears mechanisms are considered the functioning components of the of industrial machinery power apparatuses, the seals ensure that functional internal parts remain protected. Any moving part will require lubrication to maximize performance and to increase the longevity of the part.

Whether you choose parts from Timken, Nice or Thompson, it will be important to ensure that the is an optimum fit for the specified use. Fortunately, you can work with one of the sales experts at Industrial Tech Sales to make sure that you are choosing the seals that are right for the intended application. The seals will provide the cleanliness that is so essential to the mechanical service life.

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