Roller Chain

The Importance of Choosing the Right Drive Chain

When you are looking for the right chain for your drive, it is important to give as much consideration to selecting the right chain as the consideration given to choosing the right sprocket. Because the chain and the sprocket work in unison with one another, it will be important to ensure that the chain is designed to match the spacing on the sprocket. Not only is spacing important, but choosing the right size and thickness is important to ensure that the chain is strong enough to provide the necessary power, while improving performance and efficiency. To ensure that you are choosing the right chance, you should go through a sizing process. If possible, use the actually sprocket that will be used in the drive system to match the spacing. It will also be necessary to be aware of the specific length of the chain of the chain that is being replaced.

When it comes to industrial drive chains, there are a number of nuances that will dictate which chain will work best. In order to ensure that you are choosing the chain that will work best with your particular system, it is best to work with one of our specialists.

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