Roller Train Drive Sprockets

While some drive train systems are driven by belts, there are other drive systems that are powered through a chain and sprocket drive system. While the chain is often viewed as the most prevalent part of the drive system, the sprockets are also an integral part of the drive system. One of the reasons that chain drive systems have not been completely replaced by belt systems is due to the fact that they have the capacity transmit exceptional high torque levels in a relatively small package. Additionally, this remarkable power can usually be generated at reasonably low cost. The reason that the sprocket is so important to this system because it functions as a gear mechanism that is able to generate the necessary torque, based on the size and spacing of the sprocket.

When the right sprocket is selected for a specific chain driven system, it can increase the energy efficiency of the system, while also reducing the torque loads and the shock. While sprockets have a similarity to gears, the biggest difference is that sprockets never come into contact with one another.

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